In the gourmet kitchens of France, they call it “fleur de sel”. Here in the Mani Peninsula in Greece, we call it “afrina”. Across the world, it is considered the cleanest, healthiest, most flavorful salt.

Delicate and flaky, our afrina is extracted with wooden ladles from naturally formed craters that collect seawater and slowly dry during the languid Mediterranean summer on the sundrenched, rocky shores of Mani, a perfect climate for this process.

After they are collected, the crystalline flakes are set to dry under the sun, cleaned thoroughly by hand, and stored in small glass jars.

It’s not only the intense flavor, still briny from the sea, that makes this salt incomparable, but its abundance in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and fluorine that are vital for good health.

The salt maintains moisture because it is completely unprocessed and this preserves its crystalline texture, its vibrant taste, and these valuable minerals.

It can be sprinkled on any kind of salad, on desserts to heighten the sweetness, or simply with freshly baked bread and quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.